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Backpacking Rajasthan

- 10 min

India is an incredible nation exhibiting myriad cultures, waiting to be explored. Having said that, one tourist destination that is has managed to attract a majority of tourists to be a part of its cultural heritage and homely warmth is none other than the mighty Rajasthan.

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Top ten beaches of North Goa

- 7 min read

Amazing coast of the Arabian sea, mesmerising, sun kissed beaches, party mood and the fun vibes - Yes, we are talking about Goa here. Despite being pint-sized, it is full of natural beauty. It has 78 mi. of coastline which holds some of the best beaches in the country. From a rocky coast to white and silvery sand beaches, it has it all. Travellers from all around the world come and enjoy these tropical beaches. The vast horizon of the Arabian Sea looks serene and calm from here. Sipping a chilled beer while sitting at any of Goa beach shack will take away all the stress from your busy life. Let me give you an insight about some of the popular beaches here on this magnificent coastline that could help you get more out of your Goa tour package.

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20 amazing things to do when you are in Goa

- 5 min read

Goa is a place which has its own unique charm. And when i say unique, trust me! there's no other place in India quite like it. From sun kissed sandy beaches to the dense forests of western ghats, it has it all to satisfy any whim of avid traveller. If you are out there to party, vacation, adventure or in search of serenity, i am pretty sure you will find there just right setting to compliment your mood. Below i have compiled best 20 things to do when you are in goa out of a bunch of my preferences.

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