Kollam: The Less-Known Side of Kerala

Kollam, also known by its earlier name, ‘Quilon’ is situated by the Ashtamudi Lake in Kerala. Kollam has always been known to be the trading Centre of Kerala as it has traded with the Arabs, Chinese, Romans, and other Eastern parts of the world as well in the past.

Kollam is highly recognized for its production of cashews and manufacturing Coir. Kollam is also considered as one of the least polluted cities of India.

Having rich vegetation, hilly terrains, magnificent sites and pleasant climate, Kollam proves to be one of the perfect places to tour in Kerala.

If you too want to experience the best of Kollam, take a glance at the best places to visit in Kollam so that you get an insight to what you must see, do and eat in the region of Kollam.


Palaruvi Waterfalls

Palaruvi which means ‘milky streams’ is a very apt name for this place as the water flowing through the rocky terrains indeed seems like a ton of milk is gushing through the unsteady passages. At the height of 300 feet, the Palaruvi Waterfall is a marvelous sight to see and a must-visit if you are in Kollam. It is the perfect place to hang out with friends and family and have unlimited fun.

Jatayu’s Earth Centre

To experience one of the excellent Kollam sightseeing tours, do not forget to pay a visit to the Jatayu’s Earth Centre.It was established not long ago and since then, it sees a lot of tourist from the country and all across the world as well. The motive of creating a famous mythological character was to promote the Indian mythology and adventure tourism.

The Jatayu Nature Park is basically a rock-themed park which is well-equipped with audio-visual digital room, 6D theatre, cable car and an Ayurvedic cave resort as well.If you are in Kollam, make it a must to visit this incredibly stunning creation which guarantees to make you awestruck by its grandeur.


Houseboat Cruise in Ashtamudi Lake

This lake is the most famous backwaters in the region of Kollam. Having thick vegetation besides the water, gives an individual the best and scenic view of the surroundings. It is also among the best places to view the beautiful sunsets and sunrise in Kollam. Just get a hold of a Houseboat and cruise into the tranquility of the Ashtamudi Lake. With us, you will even get the best offers on Kerala backwaters tour packages which will make your Houseboat Cruise experience even more affordable.

Asramam Adventure Park

This is an appropriate place for everyone, especially children to indulge in some fun activities. After being on a continuous journey of exploring Kollam, take a chill pill by visiting this Asramam Adventure Park. This park has numerous options of fun activities to choose from such as speedboat ride, luxury boat cruise, backwater cruises, and open air gym as well. Someone with an interest of trekking or hiking also gets the chance of feeding their interest in this Adventure Park.


Wok and Grill

This restaurant is considered to be among the topmost restaurants of Kollam. It is one of the best tourist places near Kollam to eat as the atmosphere of this restaurant is up to the mark and the service is also top-notch. With the range of Chinese, Indian, Thai, Asian and Halal, this place truly serves all types of people having varied tastes.Some of the best foods that needs to be tasted while being in Wok and Grill are Black Pepper Fish, Al Faham Chicken, Chicken Kalimiri to name a few.

Ramees Restaurant

Another commendable eatery, Ramees Restaurant is famous in Kollam for its authentic and tasty food. Along with the yummy dishes, the environment of the restaurant is good and the service is also great.Ramees Restaurant provides their customers with a wide range of options such as South Indian Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, and even Halal. The Vegans who are neither vegetarian nor Non-vegetarians have also the opportunity to savor on some of the best foods as this place also offers Vegan Cuisine. The best dishes to try when in Ramees Restaurant are Chicken Biryani, Paneer Butter Masala, Mutton Rameesa, and a lot more.

The Riverside

Being among the popular restaurants in Kollam, The Riverside is certainly the best place to have flavorsome food.The atmosphere is really nice and one could see the authenticity of the place by the top-quality of food and service that they provide at this restaurant. The must-try foods in The Riverside include Seafood and Appam.

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