Exploring and Staying in Kottayam

Being one of the oldest city of Kerala, Kottayam is also widely popular by the name of‘Akshara Nagri’ meaning ‘City of Letters’ due to its immense contribution to the literature and print media.The word Kottayam actually is originated from two words ‘kott’ and ‘akam’ which means ‘fort’ and ‘inside’ respectively which as a whole refers to ‘the interior of a fort’.

The city got its name by the fort situated in the region with the name of ThaliyilKotta, established by the Raja of Thekkumcoor. This place is considered to be one of the best places to see in Kerala due to its magnificent environment which consists of amazing hilltops, mountain streams and widespread greenery.

Now, get an insight of the best tourist attractions in Kottayam so that you make certain to explore all of them in your next trip to Kottayam.



It is one of the most appealing places for the tourists to visit while being in Kottayam. It comprises of numerous historical places and traditional places which give a beautiful sight to the eyes. This place is also generally known for its significance during the British Raj in India where the movement Vaikom Satyagraha took place in order to abolish the practice of untouchability.

Vaikom also has serene backwaters and to experience the exquisiteness of backwater and its surroundings, one must take a Houseboat cruise to engage in some of the best and unforgettable moments of your trip. Get the cheapest Kerala backwaters tour packages and see the magnificence of the backwaters.

Poonjar Palace

Surrounded by huge walls, Poonjar Palace tells the history of the place in the most captivating manner. The Palace has beautiful old-fashioned furniture and other interesting items such as chandelier,weapons, jewel boxes, grain measurer, beautifully-carved sculptures of Nataraja and a palanquin made using a single piece of wood, and a lot more such carvings and sculptures can easily be seen in the Poonjar Palace.

Bay Island Driftwood Museum

This museum is popular among the tourists for its collection of various stunningly-engraved sculptures with the help of driftwood or any other kind of woods. It is a fascinating place to visit for the ones who have quite an interest in art and museums.Bay Island Driftwood Museum is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind Museum that every person must visit.


Trekking in Elaveezhapoonchira

Among the most appealing tourist places near Kottayam, ElaveezhaPoonchira is a hill station offering the most breathtaking views of the surrounding region. ElaveezhaPoonchira basically means ‘a place where leaves don’t fall’ and due to the fact that this entire area does not have trees, ElaveezhaPoonchira seemed like the appropriate name for this hill station.

This place is one of the top places in the region to indulge in trekking or hiking. This place is indeed a sight to behold as it gives a pristine view of the Mother Nature. Trekking through the wonderful hillocks and breathing in the fresh air of the milieu is certain to become a part of some of your best moments of life.


If you have keen interest to experience some water sports in Kottayam, the best option for you is Kayaking. Indulging in Kayaking from a verified and best place will provide you with all the equipment required while kayaking such as Paddles, Kayaks, Life Jackets, etc.

Paragliding in Vagamon

Few kilometers away from Kottayam, Vagamon is known for its wide stretch of tea gardens and lush greenery all over the region. Having incredibly beautiful hilly terrains, streams,waterfalls and more, Vagamon makes the best place to indulge in some thrilling adventure sport like Paragliding. It will not just provide you with the opportunity of testing your adventure skills but also flying over such superlative landscapes will certainly heighten your overall experience of Paragliding.



This is a family restaurant and one of the best places to visit in Kottayam to taste the wonderful authentic food of Kerala. Located close to the Sumendu Lake, the restaurant provides a scenic view of the lake which naturally enhances the deliciousness of the food served in here.Meenachil is famous for its Indian as well as Chinese Cuisines which includes foods like Biryanis, Chili Chicken, Stir-fried noodles and variety of Seafood.


This place is known for its traditional food and traditional way of serving the food on banana leaves. Having a cozy and tip-top ambience, Thali is great to grab a meal or two in Kottayam. Along with the basic Kerala cuisine, the restaurant also serves North Indian cuisine. However, if you really want to savor the real food of Kerala, ditch the North Indian foods and feast on the South Indian ones. Some of the best foods to try from this Restaurant are Pachakkari stew with Appam, Malabar Fish Curry, Masala Dosa and an extensive range of Thalis.

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