Top Tourist Attraction to Visit Palakkad

Palakkad, also known as Palghat is one of the appealing places to explore for tourists visiting Kerala. Palakkad is a region full of forests, mountain brooks,hillocks, hilly terrains and many other noteworthy places.

The climate of the region is generally is tropical wet and dry. March and April being the hottest of all months, the rest remain moderate throughout the year.

Palakkad is well-known tourist destination due to its wide-ranging festivals which showcase the true culture of Palakkad. With having a thick evergreen vegetation and magnificent architecture, Palakkad is among the best places to see in Kerala.

If you too look forward to visit this amazingly beautiful place, seek some ideas of how to tour Palakkad with the help of this handy Palakkad travel guide.


Palakkad Fort


Also known as Tipu’s Fort, Palakkad Fort is an incredible part of the city as it shows the true history of Palakkad. The architecture of this fort is incredible and the aerial view of the same is a sight to behold. The Fort was established by Haider Ali in the year dating back to 1766. This Fort consists of A Hanuman Temple which has an amazing interior which will certainly leave the visitors feel astonished. A wide stretch of water lining the great walls surrounding the Fort takes an individual to the period of Mughals, Rajas and Maharajas. Such an amazing creation is worth a visit while being in Kerala.

Malampuzha Dam and Garden


Malampuzha Dam and Garden are also highly-recommended tourist places near Palakkad. Being the largest Reservoir of Kerala, Malampuzha Dam is built on the Malampuzha River. The Dam is in itself an outstanding sight to see but at the front side of the Dam, there is an amazing garden with the name of Malampuzha Garden. Built with a high creative mindset, this Garden is indeed a feat to the eyes. This Garden also comprises of numerous parks such as Krishna Park, Nandi Park, Japanese Park and Malampuzha Yakshi. Another sight not to miss while wandering the garden of Malampuzha is the musical fountain.

Rock Garden


The Rock Garden in Palakkad was inducted in the year of 1996 and since then, it attracts a ton of tourists every single day. As per some reports, the Rock Garden sees around twenty five thousand of visitors each year.Sightseeing the Rock Garden is certainly a delight to the eyes as it has spectacular sculptures, mosaics and artworks. The designer behind these stupendous creations is none other than the Late Nek Chand who is known for his work in the Rock Garden of Chandigarh.The popularity of the Rock Garden is actually based on the beautiful figures made with the help of tiles, electrical fittings, wash basins, crockery, glass bangles, bicycle frames to name just a few.These figurines depict various cultural practices of Kerala such as Boat Race, Kathakali, Kalaripayattu, Theyyam and many more.Apart from all these exciting sculptures, one can also get to see cave for birds, huts, etc.The mountains surrounding the Garden add to the beauty of the same and enhance the overall experience of seeing the Rock Garden.


Trekking in Nelliyampathy Hills


Standing on top of the Nelliyampathy Hills offers an individual with the best view of the entire Palakkad. The hills are a blend of wonderful thick rich green forests and incredible wild animals and birds.Waterfalls flowing in the midst of the hills are enough to give you a breathtaking sight of the nature’s creation. It is one of the best places to see in Palakkad in order to capture the best moments of the city. The ones obsessed with natural world should not miss the opportunity of getting up close with the true side of mother nature.

Picnic near Pothundi Dam and Reservoir


The Pothundi Dam and Reservoir was established back in the days of British rule in India. A very interesting fact to note about this Dam is that it is made up of jiggery and quick lime and yet stands tall and strong. The land surrounding the Dam is the best place to have some fun in the form of picnic and other outdoor activities like chilling under the beautiful Sun.Other attractive things of this Dam includes the variety of fish species that is easily found in here such as Eel, Rohu, Common Carp,Catla, Gourami, Barbus, Tilapia, catfish, Murrel, Mrigal, to name a few.


Hotel Noorjahan Restaurant


It is known as one of the best places to visit in Palakkad to have scrumptious food. This place is not just good in serving the best meals but also for its great hospitality. The most recommended dishes to savor in here are Kudukka Biryani, Thalassery Dum Biryani, Spicy Fried Chicken and Fish Mango Curry. Do not forget to visit the Noorjahan Restaurant to have the best Kerala Cuisines and international ones as well.

Hotel Kapilavasthu


It is basically a vegetarian restaurant which means it is the decent place for the Vegetarians to eat their preferred food without the sight or smell of any kind of non-vegetarian dish. The entire Hotel is well-maintained and the service is also commendable. Even the cost of the foods served here are pocket-friendly. One can get an extensive range of cuisines such s Asian, Thai, Indian, etc. It is noteworthy that the Hotel also serves some of the best Gluten-free foods for the ones who prefer Gluten-free dishes.

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