Malappuram Travel Guide and Tourism


As the name itself means, ‘terraced place atop the hills’, Malappuram is a place full of greenery and hilltops. The area is surrounded with thick vegetation and glistening watercourses flowing through its region.

Malappuram falls under the few of the cities of Kerala which have maintained its good habit of keeping the city spick and span.

The climate of Malappuram is not any different from the rest of Kerala as it remains moderately hot and humid most of the time. Interestingly, Malappuram is one of the cities which were regarded as the city with low level of pollution which means fifty percent less than the actual standard.

The religious structures in Malappuram are renowned for their cultural festivals. Due to the emergence of many intellectuals and other public figures from Malappuram, this city has marked its niche across the entire state of Kerala.

Centuries ago, Malappuram was the place where the popular Khilafat movement and Mappila Revolt took place to remove the British government from India.

There are a lot of tourist places in Malappuram Kerala but below-mentioned are few of the best places to visit in Malappuram.




It is basically a garden situated in a hilly terrain and also known as Marine Drive of Malappuram. It attracts a lot of tourists because of its beautiful and soothing environment. This place contains the remains of an ancient fort which is said to be the first fort that was established by the Kozhikode Zamorins.

This Garden is comprised of a lot of things to entertain the visitors such as Lalitha Kala Academy Art Gallery, Open Air Theatre, Balloon Park, Adventure Park, Water Park, 16D Cinema, Kid’s Traffic Park, etc. This is enough to prove that this location is not just good for the children but also the adults as well.



One of the best tourist places in Malappuram is none other than Nedumkayam. This place is full of tropical flora andamazing fauna as well which will allow you to experience the true nature of the wildlife.

This place is home to several animals like Elephants and Deer which can easily be seen by the tourists wandering in the forest. In addition, Nedumkayam has an Elephant taming Centre which attracts a lot of visitors in order to see the daily routine of the delightful elephants. It is a great location for the travellers hoping to capture picturesque view of the nature.

Padinharekara Beach


One of the most recognized and talked-about tourist attractions in Malappuram is Padinharekara Beach. In order to make yourself feel relaxed after the hectic days of strolling in Malappuram, head towards the attractive Padinharekara Beach and sit by the sea to feel calm and fresh. You will get to witness the astonishing beauty of two rivers namely Tirur puzha and Bharathapuzha, uniting with the Arabian Sea which will indeed become one of your unforgettable sights.


Water Scooter Ride in Biyyam Kayal


One can indulge in adventurous water scooter ride in the backwaters of Biyyam Kayal. This place is fascinating with the lush greenery atmosphere all around the lake. One can easily get mesmerized by the calmness of the place and make it a part of the unforgettable memories.

In the Biyyam Kayal backwaters, boat races also take place during the festival of Onam. So, if you are in there at the right season, you might be lucky to experience the excitement of the boat race.

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Trekking in Arimbra Hills


Another popular name for Arimbra Hills is ‘Mini Ooty’ and the name has given to this place due to its close similarity of one of the renowned hill station of India, Ooty.

These Arimbra Hills are plush green in nature and the hilly territories make it the best option for the trekkers to feed their inner adventurous persona. The zigzag roads of the hills will give you a swirly feeling along with the feeling of being at peace.


Hotel Delicia


This hotel was established in the year of 1995 and since then, it has made the people crave for their lip-smacking food. It is also one of the best Malappuram tourist places as many tourists love to eat in this amazing restaurant. The restaurant offers multiple cuisines to their customers ranging from Indian, Asian to Chinese and Middle-Eastern. You name it and they have it. They specialize in Malabari foods and some of the best dishes from their kitchen include Thai Chicken, Biryani, Fish Mango Curry and a lot more.

Mazali Restaurant


This restaurant is not only famous for its mouthwatering food but also its ambience, and excellent service. One is always appreciative of this place as this is the right place to experience the authentic food at its best. Although the Mazali Restaurant is known for its enticing Kerala Cuisines and flavorful Seafood, they also provide their respected customers with other variations of cuisines as well such as Indian, Chinese, etc.

The most appealing dishes of Mazali Restaurant are Lebanese Pacha Kurumulaku Grilled Fish, Grilled Chicken,KunziKozhiChutty Curry, Mutton Leg Soup and the list goes on.

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