Kerala Travel Guide

Plan your Kerala Tour – A Step-by-Step Travel Guide

Believe it or not, but Kerala is indeed a feast to the eyes with its evergreen flora and scenic backdrop.

Planning on a trip to Goa is the best thing one can do as Kerala is a diverse place with hilly terrains to sunny seashores. One can get the best of everything after stepping into the ‘God’s Own Country’.

However, if you really are positive enough to plan your next vacation to Kerala, then this Kerala Travel Guide will help you immensely to experience the true and amazing Kerala.

Where to go in Kerala



Kochi also known as Cochin was back in the days the epicenter of spice trade in India. Once you step into Kochi, you will see a unique blend of old and new Kerala. To take a look at the old historic architectures, visit the brightly-colored Jewish Colony and see one of the oldest active Commonwealth synagogues ‘Mattancherry Synagogue’.

Apart from that, you can see the unique Chinese fishing net fishing by the Fort Kochi beach and how it is used to catch abundance of fishes at once.


This place is known for having the largest tea plantations in overall South India.Take a stroll through these plantations and feel the mesmerizing beauty of the endless plantation. Situated in a hilly terrain, tea plantations are a good option for the ones who want to indulge in trekking or hiking.


Also known as Vince of East, Alappuzha which is also called Alleppey, has the famous backwaters in which one can go to an unforgettable houseboat cruise. Visiting this place will make you feel so calm and relaxed that you will get hypnotized by the beauty of the atmosphere surrounding the backwaters.

What to do in Kerala


Houseboat cruise

Vacationing in Kerala and not experience the Houseboat cruise is not going to complete your Kerala trip.In this Kerala tour guide, it is a must to take out time and jump on a houseboat and just get spellbound by the serenity of the backwaters and its lush green surroundings.Do not miss out our best offers on the Kerala backwaters tour packages and Kerala houseboat packages.

Cruise on Periyar River

If you want to experience the feeling of watching wild animals without any barrier, then cruising on Periyar River is the best way to do so. The Periyar jungle is full of wild Tigers, Bison, SambarDeers, Elephants and many more.

Watch Kathakali and Kalaripayattu

Being the folk dance of Kerala, Kathakali is a beautiful form of storytelling with the medium of dance. If you want to relax yourself after wandering places to places in Kerala, make sure to watch the stunning performance of Kathakali in a Kathakali Centre. In addition, you can also treat your eyes by seeing one of the oldest forms of martial arts ‘Kalaripayattu’.

What to eat in Kerala


Appam with Stew

Your trip to Kerala is not over until there is no mention of delicious foods. Kerala is not only for the travellers but foodies as well. Appam is basically flat and soft pancake which is made of rice which can be fully enjoyed only with a stew of either meat or vegetables.

Prawn Moilee

This dish is very popular in Kerala and is made of prawns along with coconut and kokum. Before you leave Kerala, you must treat your taste buds with the Prawn Moilee.

When to go to Kerala


October to February

The best time period to plan a trip to Kerala is undoubtedly October to February. This season has perfect weather to be on a hilly terrain or by the sea.

March to June

Being the hottest and clammiest time of the year, March to June is a good time to dive into the sea on a hot day and relax by the seashore. Moreover, this is the time you will get the cheapest deals on Kerala holiday packages. Even the prices of food and leisure activities in Kerala go way down during the summers.

July to September

Those who love rainy season, July to September is the best time for you to experience Kerala at its best. This is the season to get enthralled with the splendor of the thick greenery of Kerala.

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