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Exhibiting sheer heroism, royalty, and culture, Rajasthan has been a tourist favorite all these years and attracts millions of tourists every year to be familiar with its cultural heritage. The largest state in India, the land of the Maharajas is diverse in terms of its culture and tradition. Having preserved its art forms and cuisines with the minimum of variations, Rajasthan is still one of the most impeccable tourist destinations, offering a sense of warmth to the wanderers. It is the place that represents diversity in the most special way and hence is a home away from home.

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Indulge in the beauty of the land of the Maharajas with the best Rajasthan tour packages. The essence, the heroism, the romanticism, and the hospitality that the place exhibits are beyond the reach of words. The culture of Rajasthan represents diversity, which is reflected in its colourful costumes and its people. The golden sand dunes, shimmering lakes, exotic wildlife, enchanting temples, majestic palaces, and forts make Rajasthan the ultimate tourist destination. A perfect place to step away from the bustling city, Rajasthan is every traveller's paradise. With so many places to visit and so many things to do, the land of the maharajas is never a disappointment for those in search of peace and adventure. Easily accessible by rail, road, and air, Rajasthan is not a worry when it comes to reaching it. The state has a diverse network of connectivity, perfect for a road trip. Also, the place has a central airport that has connecting flights from the major metropolitan, thus making it easier for people to reach Rajasthan conveniently. Not only that, the place also has strong connectivity when it comes to railways. Whether it is the Rajdhani express or the Palace on Wheels, you can have a comfortable train experience as well. Set foot in Rajasthan and get ready to soak every bit of adventure that you are about to experience. Pick from the cheapest tour packages for Rajasthan and indulge in some of the most popular activities that offer a classic combination of tranquil and adventure.

Best Time to Visit


The climate of Rajasthan remains mostly hot and humid, which makes a seasonal state for tourists. You can explore the beauty of Rajasthan between the cooler months, October to march, as the weather is quite pleasant during that time. You can visit Rajasthan in summers as well when the weather is at its best in Mount Abu. You can enjoy a stunning view of the Aravallis around you, and explore Mount Abu on your summer visit. For visiting any other place in Rajasthan, summers is definitely not an option, as the temperature might soar up to 48 degree Celsius during the day.

Also, there are a lot of festivals that take place in Rajasthan during winters, attracting thousands of tourists to be a part of those. The Jaipur Literature Festival, the Pushkar Fair, the world Sufi spirit festival, the desert festival, and the Rajasthan international folk festival are some of the most famous events that take place in Rajasthan. These festivals are a major attraction spot for tourists from all across the world, wanting to get a glimpse of the Rajasthani culture and its folklore. Without worrying about the heat of the humidity, you can enjoy Rajasthan’s pleasant days and chilly nights as you spend time. So pick from a host of Rajasthan tour packages for an unimaginable travel experience.

Top Places in Rajasthan


The western beauty has a lot to offer to its tourists with cities that take you to their respective histories and stories of heroism. The Golden sand dunes in Jaisalmer, the glittering lakes in Udaipur, the majestic forts in Jodhpur, the traditional handicrafts in Jaipur, the Famous Pushkar camel fair at Pushkar, the haunted fort at Alwar, the beautiful Aravallis at Mount Abu; it’s all in Rajasthan. The state is so vibrant in terms of its culture, history, people and cuisine; that every traveler takes a whole new experience on his/her departure. It is not just the sand dunes and the camels that represent Rajasthan; it is the very vibe of the place that makes you fall in love with it. So be a part of the cultural heritage, the folklore, the historical significance, the picturesque beauty and the delectable cuisine of the place. Do not miss out on the famous festivals and the fair that takes place in Rajasthan to experience the cultural aura that the place preserves in its very soil. Seek adventure, peace, and grandeur in the mesmerizing Rajasthan, hundreds of kilometers away from the chaotic city. So pick from the best Rajasthan tour packages and sign in for an experience of a lifetime!

Breif History


The history of Rajasthan dates back to 5000 years when the first inhabitants of the Aryan settlement were established. The name “Rajasthan” translates to “land of the maharajas (kings)”, which quite explains the essence of the place. The place has witnessed upheaval and the decline of kings and kingdoms and boasts of the most famous battles fought on its very land.

The war inflicted fortresses, the bloodied soil, the famous battles; all form a long history that no other state in India has. Rajasthan is known for the famous war at the Haldi Ghati between Maharana Pratap and Akbar’s forces, leading to a lot of bloodsheds. The place protects the history of the famous tale depicting the crazy fate that Alauddin Khilji met after he did everything to capture the Queen of Chittor

Home to majestic fortresses and huge castles, Rajasthan showcases heroism and royalty in a manner that no other place does. These bruised castles, the telltales and the wars make Rajasthan a place rich in history and worth discovering. Every wanderer who enters Rajasthan feels a mysterious vibe to it, luring him/her to discover as they set foot. The palaces, the forts, the culture, the cuisine, and the folklore make up the Land of the Maharajas worth a visit. So pick from a variety of Rajasthan Tourist package and discover Rajasthan.

Best of Rajasthan Travel


It is the travel season and we can’t help but look at the alluring Rajasthan vacation packages to have a splendid vacation amid the cultural heritage and the picturesque beauty of the place. Rajasthan is the dream destination for every traveler; and why shouldn’t it be? The land of kings and queens, Rajasthan is known for its majestic forts and palaces, delicious cuisines, sand dunes, the textile industry and not to forget the ship of the desert! A paradise for every traveler, Rajasthan is the ultimate travel destination, reflecting tradition and cultural heritage in the most unique way possible. With colorful Jodhpuri pagris, mojris and artistic jewelry, one can’t help but drool over these creations of the multifaceted Rajasthan.

If you’re thinking as to what all you can do, let us inform you, that the list is endless! 

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Rajasthan is one place that has something for every traveler. It is ideal for adventurers, tranquil seekers, kids, families, friends, and couples. From the majestic palaces in the Jodhpur to shimmering lakes in Udaipur; from golden sand dunes in Jaisalmer to the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur; Rajasthan has anything and everything that a traveler could ask for. From zip lining to camel rides, from boating to hot air balloon rides, from trekking to wildlife tours, from shopping to elephant rides; Rajasthan is the ultimate destination to relax and have fun at the same time.

The tourists can engage in an adventure filled experience of sand dune bashing, followed by dinner under the stars. They can soak in the history of Rajasthan by visiting the beautiful fortresses. They can dine at Chokhi Dhani to get the essence of the Rajasthani cuisine. They can indulge in the folklore of the place by witnessing its famous dance form called “Ghoomar”.

Are you looking forward to a magical blend of history, culture, art, and adventure? Look for the best Rajasthan holiday packages and discover the serenity, the essence, the royalty, and the people that the place takes pride in; and head back with a suitcase filled with memories and experiences.